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Mooney's Bar
5pm – 1am( Mon. – Thu.), 12pm – 2am
1/F, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 East Binjiang Rd.
028 8888 9999

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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
A good Irish pub needs more than an Irish name. It’s got to have the heart and soul of Ireland. We’re talking about more than a pint of Guinness. What we mean is they’ve got to have the grub and a little traditional Celtic music thrown in. The place should have dark wood tones and dim lights, just enough to break through the smoke. Mooney’s has got all this and more. Sure, there’s the Guinness. But they’ve also got Kilkenny, Beamish Irish Stout, Heineken on tap, over 40 whiskeys and even Chimay Red Top. Order up a pint to complement the great food: Shepard’s Pie, Beef Stew and Dublin Coddle.
The drawback here is most definitely the price, with dishes ranging in price from 58 to 88 kuai. But, unlike many places, at Mooney’s the price fits the quality. We came in on a quiet Friday afternoon and ordered up some Guinness Stew, a Caesar Salad and some more Guinness. The stew was, well, fei chang hao. The Caesar Salad was tasty, although unconventionally topped with pork ribs. After the meal, we let the waiter talk us into some dessert: the Mooney’s Cheesecake, which was most definitely the highlight of the meal. You can do lunch or dinner here. The advantage to the latter would be that after eating you can continue drinking and stick around for the live band that’s here every night.

seo (zeroxtrpo)
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The cosy atmosphere at Mooney's belies its 5-star location in the Shangri-La hotel, but the food quality really gives it away. MORE was invited to sample a few of their featured menu items recently. One standout offering was the rib eye steak. This kitchen understands that good steak is about getting the best meat you can get (the beef is imported from Australia) and not messing with it too much. We were pretty pleased to see a good steak not ruined by overcooking. We've also paid the same price for steak about one-third the size. The barbecue ribs came tender and slathered in sauce, served up in a caveman- sized portion. Mooney's claims to have the best ribs in Chengdu and we have not run into any contenders yet. One dish that is unique in town is their Mega-Burger, big as a pizza and served sliced into wedges. It would feed six hungry people easily and is a bargain at 150RMB.

Other pub food standards round out the menu. We enjoyed the chicken mushroom pie, which was presented in a cast iron pan with a big cap of puff pastry. The fish and chips, cod in a not-too-thick batter, comes wrapped in a newspaper with tartar sauce on the side. We are fans of the thick, seasoned signature fries at Mooney's. The Caesar Salad, topped with grilled chicken, would suit lighter appetites.

We are glad to see the band Solidaz is back on the Mooney's stage every Tuesday to Saturday, drawing a crowd especially on the regular Thursday Ladies' nights. On Sundays and Mondays, jazz singer Amandah Jentzen performs. November events at Mooney's include their Singles’ Night, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Halloween Party (more chengdu)
Mooney’s presents Halloween Pirates of the Caribbean
29,30,31 October 2011 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Dress up and join the SOLIDAZ international band
Enjoy scary pirates’ dancers. Special price for the Halloween cocktail.
Enjoy Lucky Draws, Prepare to be scared!!

Mooney's Bar
Mooney's Bar