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Morning Bar
Mon-Sun, 2pm - late
3-15, Xiao Tong Gang, Zhong Tong Ren Rd. (opposite Loft hostel)

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
For those looking for a new live music spot with a fresh range of drinks to keep you entertained, newly opened Morning bar, across the street from Loft hostel just west of People’s Park, offers a breath of fresh air.

Morning, set up and operated by the owner, Zhang, wanted to create a space that provided a quiet, intimate place for local songwriters and musicians to perform. Zhang frequently hosts local acts ranging from Sichuanese opera to rock. Zhang himself plays in a band and is buddies with the owners of Jah and New Little Bar. Mainstays of Chengdu’s live music scene.

The bar, still in the process of remodeling after opening in late March, is a cozy, unpretentious space of warm pastel walls, mural paintings and hip young things engaged in quiet conversation. The style is funky-minimalist, adorned with friends’ contemporary paintings, potted plants, and chic ornaments that evoke J-pop culture (even if it is, perhaps, slightly outdated). As you enter the dim space and head to the bar, an electric guitar, amplifier, hand drums and organ run beside you along the wall as a sort of announcement of intent. You’ll find this announcement echoed in the groovy blues music that emanates quietly through the bar. For Chengdu’s warm, balmy evenings, there’s a comfortable outdoor patio to go along with the two main indoor rooms, one of which features a stage in the back.

Drinks tend to hover around 20 RMB each, regardless of your chosen beverage. The hand-written, bilingual menu may be the biggest draw yet, with bottles of Guinness (a steal!), Carlsberg and other beers. There’s also a chrysanthemum wine, served in cute ceramic jugs, and a range of spirits featuring all the classics as well as the obligatory Chivas. As mentioned above, all are about 20 bones per glass. At present there’s no food available. At Morning, they keep it simple. Here it’s all about the music.

Morning Bar
Morning Bar