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Copper Crane Restaurant & Bar
9am – 3am
Erqi, Jinli, Wuhouci St.
028 8559 0686

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Jinli Street is indeed overflowing with tourists. So much so that it would be hard to fault some locals who avoid the area in search of more authentic haunts. But there’s no denying the stunning beauty of the district. A beauty that grows in the evenings, when the gleam of bulbous red lanterns and the mirror-like reflection of the (artificial) lakes evokes a walk through a film set. And, now that they’ve recently added an entire new section, there’s never been a better reason to revisit one of Chengdu’s most well-developed attractions.

The bars and restaurants are all touristy (naturally) and over-priced. They range from swanky lounges to more laid-back affairs that target Westerners. One bar that balances between the two is Copper Crane, located towards the edge of the new area a few stores down from the DQ. A demure, classy bar with plenty of four-top tables, it features nightly, live music and pulls in a strong crowd of Chinese tourists each evening. From 8:30-10:00 p.m. a foreign trio hailing from Australia and the United States plays a variety of English-language tunes, jumping from jazz and blues to classic and Top 40 pop covers. Then come Chinese performers, belting out pop standards from 80’s Hong Kong pop through to contemporary.

Alcohol at a bar like this tends to be pricey, with liquors being sold only by the bottle from the bi-lingual menu. A Baileys will set you back RMB500, while Hennessy goes for 1080-2800 and the French and American wines go for RMB230-6800. For those looking to be more frugal can find individual bottles of Tiger (25), Heineken (25), and Paulaner (30) are also available, as are several snacks, including pistachios (15) and beef (20). Be warned, things can get a little smoky indoors, but that gives you the chance to enjoy the scenic tranquility to be found outdoors.

Copper Crane Restaurant & Bar
Copper Crane Restaurant & Bar Copper Crane Restaurant & Bar