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Honeymoon Dessert
10am - 10pm
B1, 8 Shuncheng St.
028 8667 9092
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Susan Johnson (More chengdu)
Being enormous fans of Hong Kong-style desserts, were thrilled to spot this new dessert restaurant in the basement level of the New World department store on Shun Cheng Da Jie. Honeymoon offers various concoctions based on fresh fruit, herbal jellies, tapioca, nut milks, sweet tofu, coconut juice, sweet red and green bean, and pancakes. The appeal is in texture as well as taste. There are plenty of places to get this type of dessert in town, but Honeymoon is one of the few places I've run into with an English menu. Many of the dishes are pictured as well, but not all of them.

The first thing I tried was the durian and black rice in coconut milk. Durian is a taste that takes a bit of trouble to acquire, but is very worth it. Typical progress of reactions: Completely revolted → slightly less revolted → 'I get why people like this, but it's not for me' → 'OMG OMG how could anything taste this good'. A durian ice cream or small amount of the fruit in a cold dessert is a nice introductory taste. Their durian dessert was very good. If you are loath to try it, they have the same dessert with mango.

The portions here are nicely presented and are a little smaller than the norm. Often at these dessert places it's common to see four or more students crowded around a single order of sweet stuff; here it would be tough for them to get more than a couple of bites each. The prices average around 20 RMB per person. The staff are very good (and tried to talk to us in English) but a few run off their feet when it gets busy, which is most of the time. The Dairy Queen just opposite is getting some serious competition.

Honeymoon Dessert
Honeymoon Dessert