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koko Casa
3 Floor,B, Yanlord Landmark Plaza
028 6210 0299

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
There seems to be a new gelato shop appearing everywhere we look in Chengdu. Koko casa, which has already been around for a couple of years, is one of the veterans in town but is still among our favourites. MORE recently was given a chance to sample some of their wares at the original Yanlord Landmark location. We appreciate the sophisticated choice of flavours at koko casa, which is the only place we've found so far where you can order dark beer gelato. It's obvious that the flavouring ingredients are high quality. Tamarind, tea, and milk combine nicely in the Thai iced tea flavour. The matcha gelato had not only flavour but mouth-feel from the green tea powder. We enjoyed how the fruit flavours came out loud and clear in the mango and strawberry flavours. We like getting the 28RMB double scoop and finding complementary flavours, like coconut and chocolate, or peanut and tomato.

Koko casa also concocts elaborate desserts made with their signature gelato, fruit, and other sweets like waffles and toast. The servers tell us that desserts are usually shared by up to four people, but we could imagine coming in for brunch and polishing off a whole order per person. We've found their coffee, at 28 RMB for the latte and the cappuccino can be among the best in town, but has also been a little flat tasting. We would make sure they had fresh roasted beans on hand before ordering coffee next time, and make a point of telling the servers we enjoy coffee served hot. Their house made chocolates, beautifully boxed, are our food gift of choice. Besides the Yanlord Landmark location downtown, they have shops in the Galeria, at Kuanzhai Alley and in the East Music Park.

koko Casa
koko Casa