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Cru Wine Bar
11am-12pm (Sun-Thu),11am-2am (Fri-Sat)
20-5,Tongzilin Dong Rd.
028 8512 5230

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Wine, increasingly available in Chengdu, comes in so many styles, flavours, and price points that choosing one can be daunting. However, just as the novice learns to enjoy tea, learning how to drink and appreciate wine is a worthwhile pleasure in itself. MORE recently had a chance to sit down with Daniel Chen of Cru, a wine bar that opened up earlier this year in Tongzilin. Cru is, uniquely, about the grape. There are no cocktails or spirits that are not grape based; no whiskys or scotches or gins. Eleven countries are represented on its rotating list which describes each wine's grape content, origin, and personality. Cru offers no less than ten wines by the glass, including one sparkling, at prices that invite sampling and comparing.

Cru is not a place to arrive hungry since it's so much more about drinking than eating, but there is a short menu of tapas style snacks to go with the wine. From the snacks on offer we sampled a platter of cured meats and a few bacon wrapped shrimp, appreciating how the bites of food enhanced the taste of what we were drinking. Cheese, nuts, a sandwich, and other nibbles are also available. The white and the rose came served properly chilled and in attractive stemware.

The night we dropped in, the atmosphere was very quiet in the early evening, but the place started buzzing as the night wore on. There is music a few times a week - blues on Wednesday, jazz on Thursday, and kazakh style on Saturday. It's a good place to stop by for a bite and a drink, or for some serious swirling, sniffing and sipping. Cru reminds us that wine can be an everyday as well as a special occasion pleasure and offers a great setting to enjoy it.

Cru Wine Bar
Cru Wine Bar Cru Wine Bar Cru Wine Bar