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Underground Bar
5pm til late, food orders 5pm to 8:30pm
Building 6, Taipingnanxin St. (near Jiuyan Bridge, in the tunnel between Babi 2 and 1855 club).
028 8529 4142
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
It had been far too long since MORE last went Underground to the Tube-themed pub hidden between two clubs on the university side of Jiuyanqiao. We found a pared down food program with an unusual promotion – between five and 8:30 pm on weekdays you can get dinner for free with 60 yuan worth of drinks. The dinner menu includes chili, pork casserole, chicken curry, cottage pie, and a special of fish and chips on Fridays. Underground attracts a mixed crowd, but their pub food menu is attractive mainly to folks looking for a taste of home. The dishes are 45 yuan for those who don't fill the drink quota, so it's a bargain either way.

We dug into a laudably meaty cottage pie with gravy that really warmed us up and a good cap of mashed potato. The pie is served with French fries, which we mainly used as a vehicle for salt and the malt vinegar. The fish and chips was a good-sized filet with a thick crunchy batter sided with thick cut English-style chips, which hold their potato flavour so much better than skinny fries. They were served with a solid tartar sauce and the side of mushy peas was a welcome bit of greenery on the plate.

There are a few cocktails and shots available, but the drinks menu at Underground is mostly about beer. There is a good selection of international beers, are all under 50 per bottle, with some coming in around the thirty mark, so you could easily make up the free dinner with a couple of drinks. We like the comfortable atmosphere and the even more comfortable fare at Underground.

Underground Bar
Underground Bar Underground Bar