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MOCOWAY Speciality Coffee
9am - 10pm
1-45, Jinxiu Rd.
028 8603 2116
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We are always on the lookout for a coffee alternative to the green siren, so we’re pleased to see a new Mocoway café among the businesses filling up the new Baoli Centre near the American Consulate. Mocoway offers a selection of fresh-ground, single-origin, specialty coffees that can be ordered by the cup or the pot, as well as the usual lineup of espresso-based drinks. For these the default brew is, according to local tastes, a bit lighter in flavour. When we ordered an Americano and made the usual request of less water, the barista offered to make the drink with a double shot at no extra charge. This is a great perk for those of us who prefer a stronger concoction. On another visit, we ordered a peach black tea which was as carefully prepared as the coffee and flavoured with peach syrup.

Mocoway also has a location in the Mixc Shopping Mall, but we find ourselves stopping in at the Baoli shop more often since the atmosphere is more inviting. We dig the furniture, which is local and custom-made and suits the space very well. The café has a variety of seating on two levels, with a few private corners as well as large communal tables. The baristas appear well-trained both in their craft and in hospitality. Customers are permitted to light up on the upstairs level and when it is busy this influences the atmosphere downstairs as well, but in the mornings and afternoons the air is clear enough. Mocoway also sells beans, ground coffee, and coffeeware such as espresso pots and presses. There are plans to hold tastings and other events. Besides drinks, there are a few sweets available but the beverages are the main draw. Most drinks are between 20 and 30 yuan; coffee by the pot is 40 yuan and up.

MOCOWAY Speciality Coffee
MOCOWAY Speciality Coffee MOCOWAY Speciality Coffee