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Jason's Coffee
10am - 11pm
6-39, North Kehua Rd.
135 8045 7135
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We were walking past the Blue Caribbean Plaza and spied a coffee shop sign proclaiming fresh roasting since 2012. We went up to check it out and found a gem of an indie café that was opened a few months ago by three very shuai boys who all are pretty passionate about their trade. Very few coffee shops have baristas who take this much care with how coffee is prepared. They note the grind, control the water temperature to the degree, pre-soak the filter, and pour in careful stages. The coffee aroma comes out as soon as the grounds are shaken into the filter. Most noteworthy is the foam that comes up from the grounds while the coffee is being brewed, a sign the roasted beans are still exuding C02 and are super fresh.

The all-character chalkboard menu advertises espresso at 16RMB for one shot or 18RMB for a double, americano, cappucino, macchiato, caramel macchiato, mochaccino, and hot chocolate. The staff assures us orders in English are understood. Drip coffee is 22-30RMB per cup and customers can choose from about a half dozen single origin beans from Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We dropped in again one Saturday morning and found the simple interior, morning sunlight, and Leonard Cohen on the soundtrack setting the right slow vibe for the weekend. There was a class/tasting going on and we got to sample several kinds of coffee. We tried a house made almond cookie they are calling qie gao (切糕) after an internet meme. We never did completely comprehend what the name meant, but the cookie was fantastic.

Fresh roasted beans are also sold at Jason's and one 227g package of beans averages RMB70, which they say will yield around 11 cups. Coffee ware such as cones and filters, coffee pots, and coffee siphons that look like they come from a chem lab are on offer, and they also do supply and consulting. We are excited to see signs of a real coffee culture developing in town.

Jason's Coffee
Jason's Coffee Jason's Coffee Jason's Coffee