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Nuhi's Original Deli
11am-11pm (kitchen close at 10:30PM)
2/F, 9, 1st South Section, 1st Ring Rd., Chengdu
028 8544 3365
A simple but European-quality Italian menu offering Italian food (Pizza, pastas, sandwiches, pannini, salads, antipasta), bakes goods (cakes, cookies, ice cream), desserts and hand dripped coffee.

Moreover, sliced Italian cold-cuts, quality cheeses and other fine foods/ wines for home use.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Kaffestugan, now in its fourth year of business, has made its name as a reliable place for great coffee and a snack. Its location on the first ring between the music conservatory and Sichuan University make it a popular destination for professors and students, and its location between Moziqiao and Jiuyanqiao on the first ring makes it easy to get to from nearly anywhere. MORE recently dropped in to check back and found Kaffestugan as good as we remember. The café can get busy around lunch, but usually has a quieter atmosphere in the late afternoon or evening, which makes it a pleasant place for work or study. We appreciate the smoke-free environment, clean facilities, and decent bandwidth on the Wi-Fi.

Two-thirds of the menu pages are devoted to coffee and other beverages. There is a selection of homemade cakes and cookies, snacks, baguettes, panini, and a few Swedish specialties including meatballs and mashed potatoes. The majority of the menu is homemade. We dropped in recently and tried a Swedish scone which came warm and served with a generous pat of butter, whipped cream, cheese, and two kinds of jam. The coffee was, as always, freshly-ground and brewed and had good character.

For those in the mood for something a bit stronger, there are several spiked coffees and a handful of wines including a house red and white at a very reasonable price. There is a page with an impressive selection of scotches. There is also a selection of Swedish schnapps available at 20RMB/shot, available in the house blend or flavoured with such bracing aromatics as cloves, licorice, juniper, wormwood, and ginger. They would be eaten with the Swedish offerings on the menu such as pyttipanna (like hash topped with a fried egg) and the smorrebrod with smoked salmon. Drinks and food around 30-40RMB each.

Nuhi's Original Deli
Nuhi's Original Deli Nuhi's Original Deli