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C&T house
10am - 10pm
L409, Yangguang Centre Mall, East Section 5, 1st Ring Rd.
8662 9396
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This pottery and tea shop serves tea and snacks among beautifully lit displays of porcelain and glassware, which provide most of the decor and atmosphere. The shop has always stood out among the stores in busy Yangguang Centre mall, for its calmness. The menu is super simple with a selection of black teas, flavoured herb teas, flavoured green tea, and flavoured fruit teas. There are some specialty Chinese teas on offer like Taiwanese oolongs, some Yunnan pu’er, and a couple of local teas like Piao Xue Jasmine and Zhu Ye Qing.

We picked a rose-flavoured black tea, perhaps subconsciously influenced by the soundtrack which was playing La Vie En Rose. There are cake and tea sets available, and the servers (who had few customers to serve the night MORE stopped in) were more than happy to explain the tea flavours and help us decide what to order. When we saw they had an English scone and tea set, we had to try it. While we were waiting for the scones to bake the tea arrived. A shop that sells pottery can be expected to use beautiful serving items, and we applaud places which understand that good food deserves a good setting.

The scones arrived warm from the oven and already split, and the server explained how to use the butter knife and spoon to open them up and spread the supplied butter and jam. The jam turned out to be raspberry and not cranberry (as the server had explained), but since raspberries and roses come from the same plant family and the flavours always go well together, this jam went even better with the tea. The scones had chocolate chips and nuts in them, though we would have preferred plain scones. They also have waffles, macaroons, blondies, brownies, and lemon squares. Thursday evenings are ladies' night, so we got a pot of excellent tea and fresh baked scones for RMB24 – half-price, which might be one of the best values in town. (Tuesday is “man's day” [sic] with mere a 20% discount.) On the regular menu a pot of tea is 32RMB and specialty teas are 38RMB per pot. They have afternoon tea for 88RMB for one person or 168RMB for two.

C&T house
C&T house