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De Chocolate Coffee
10am - 10pm
1/F, Perennial Mall, 55 North Guanghua Rd.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The new Perennial Mall at Wanjiawan (opened just over a month when we visited) brings a welcome oasis of retail civilization in the midst of all the new residential communities that are beginning to fill up between the west side of the city and Wenjiang. We dropped in to check out the spacious multi-story space and found Hola furniture, Guomei electronics, and a large supermarket anchoring the shopping choices. The dining options were mainly chains we've had a chance to try before, though if we lived in the neighbourhood, we'd be happy about having a Starbucks and some familiar fast food options around. It's also a short bus ride from the Guanghua campus of SWUFE where most of the international students attend class.

One newcomer to the scene was a Korean coffee shop called De Chocolate Coffee. They offer the waffles and sandwiches that come with the territory, but over half the display case was full of their house-made chocolates. The treats are made from Belgian chocolate in white, milk or dark flavours and have simple fillings like coconut and coffee flavoured ganache. They were served at a lower temperature than we are used to eating chocolate but are very good value for the quality at six kuai per piece. They also have a selection of shortbread style cookies in flavours like cranberry, rosemary and sesame. Cookies are only sold in packages, so you can't just get one cookie to nibble with a drink. Customers can order chocolates in gift boxes and afternoon tea specials. Chocolate and mocha are also offered as beverages.

We really like the tree-ring themed industrial and natural interior with lots of wood, flowers and fresh greenery softening black fixtures and a concrete floor. The space makes a great spot for afternoon coffee and conversation and a good place to work as well. Drinks are 25RMB-35RMB, chocolates 6RMB per piece.

De Chocolate Coffee
De Chocolate Coffee De Chocolate Coffee