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Yue Hong Vietnamese
60 South Zijing Rd., Wuhou District
028 8518 6896

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
There seems to be high restaurant turnover on Zijing South Road, the street that runs south of the Shanghai Garden walking street. We've noticed a few new places open up this year, and the restaurants they replaced hadn't been that old. However, we were quite interested to see a new Vietnamese place and went to check it out. The menu is a large electronic pad with a touch screen that lets you navigates the options. You can choose between several entrees or Vietnamese snacks. It's a little challenging if you lack Chinese language skills, but our server was very helpful.

We ordered their lime drink, which came with a couple of lime slices on top. It was pretty good, but comes sweetened by default. My drink was replaced with a sugar-free version on request. The green papaya salad was crunchy, tangy, and, thankfully, came with a side of hot sauce to spice it up a bit. We liked it a lot.

Fried spring rolls are a must-order whenever we go for Vietnamese. We loved how they were served at Yue Hong, with a plate of lettuce and herbs to wrap them with. However, we couldn't taste any fish sauce in the bowl of dipping sauce. And though the server had told me they had mint, there wasn't any that day so we were stuck with cilantro. The summer rolls looked really beautiful on the plate. They had a lot of lettuce on the inside but no herbs. They were served with a thin, sweet sauce on the side. Out of curiosity we also tried their advertised special dragon roll, which you should not try.

Despite the quantity of food we ordered, we left without feeling stuffed. The food was light and attractive and would probably please someone who has never eaten Vietnamese food before, but if you are homesick for the flavors of Vietnamese, and came to Yue Hong, you may feel like something was missing. They have some lunch specials at around 35RMB each, but if you order from the regular menu, expect to pay 100RMB or more per head.

Yue Hong Vietnamese
Yue Hong Vietnamese Yue Hong Vietnamese Yue Hong Vietnamese