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Peacock Pavilion
11am - 9pm
1-51, East Section 2, Second Ring Rd.
028 8113 3644

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Nyonya (Peranakan) food is quite familiar to those who have eaten around Singapore and Malaysia, but it is very uncommon in Chengdu, so we were excited to pay a visit to Peacock Pavilion, a restaurant that has been open barely two months. We had to walk up three floors (it's opposite the Chenghua Ito Yokado) and found a bilingual, and nicely illustrated, menu that appealed with dishes like popiah (like a spring roll), malay mee goreng, pineapple fried rice, sambal fried rice, fish heads in curry and red bean sauce.

The proprietor, who spoke excellent English, took time to come over and explain and recommend several dishes. We took him up on the recommendation of lemongrass tea to tame the richness and the spiciness of the dishes we were ordering. The laksa was rich with coconut milk, which cut the heat, tofu, shrimp, and quail eggs. It really took the chill out of the cold, rainy day. The 'nhoh hiang' five spice roll made of ground meat with a kind of skin on the outside had a sweet chili dipping sauce on the side which was far more chili than sweet. Both dishes were spicy even by Sichuanese standards. Far too many supposedly Southeast Asian dishes in Chengdu replace the herbs and seasonings with lemon, chili, and cilantro, so we were happy to taste real lemongrass in the dishes. The chef, a Singapore native, even stopped by the table to see how we were enjoying everything.

The servers, outfitted like Singapore Airlines flight attendants, were earnest and a bit over-attentive, which is often the case in new, non-local restaurants. We quite like the cosy décor, though the banquet slipper chairs and double layer tablecloths are a bit stuffy. Most dishes are in the 25-55RMB range, and they had very reasonably-priced drinks. We will be back to try more of their dishes.

Peacock Pavilion
Peacock Pavilion Peacock Pavilion