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10am - 11pm
6-10, Linying St.
136 8407 7001

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Dense and fragrant chai tea, masala dishes, Chicken 65, and biryanis from Paradise restaurant are among our best memories of Hyderabad, the capital of southern India's Andhra Pradesh. When an Indian/Chinese restaurant named Paradise set up shop on Lin Yin street in Chengdu, of all places, we had to check it out. Our local Paradise is not related to the original Paradise but is more of a tribute restaurant. Most of the Indian food in Chengdu leans northern, so we like that Paradise offers more southern dishes like idly, dosas, and the biryanis which Hyderabad is noted for, on its menu.

A must try was the classic Chicken 65. It came out tender and delicious, dusted with a kind of poultry salt. We wished we had ordered beer. The eggplant masala was spicy and rich with a sour kick, and again just this side of too salty. Though the seasonings in the Hyderabadi biryani did not match our memories of the original Paradise and the 35 yuan price tag raised our eyebrows, we thought the meat in it was very flavourful and it was overall a good dish. The onion dosa was a little thicker and paler than expected, but came with an interesting sauce on the side and did a good job of mopping up the eggplant masala. We went during lunch rush and had long waits for a couple of the dishes, so were glad we didn't have to punch the clock that day.

There are also several Sichuan style dishes and dry pots on the menu and many other customers were going with local food. We were not transported to Paradise with every dish, but our bill for three plus two chais and a sweet lassi came to just over 100RMB total, which we thought was very reasonable for the experience. We are looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu.

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