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Yaazoo Singapore Style Food
雅筑小厨 新加坡风味餐厅
10am - 10pm.
3 - 22(above H&M), 3/F, Galeria, 18 Shengheyi Rd.
武侯区盛和一路18号凯丹广场3 - 22号
028 6597 8901
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Restaurants serving Singapore-style food in Chengdu are few and far between, so when MORE was invited to sample some of the special dishes at Yaazoo we were intrigued. Bat tuk keh, or 'meat bone tea' was the first thing to land on the table. This dish has been showing up on quite a few menus in town lately. We've never been tempted since it's a quite simple and plain looking dish, however after trying the version at Yaazoo we can understand why it's so popular. With mushroom, goji, and tofu skin, the soup was healthy and the fragrant, rich, broth did remind us of tea. We enjoyed the crispy deep fried savoury doughnuts served on the side.

The deep-fried dough stuffed with cuttlefish paste was a great appetizer, with layers of youtiao ramping up the crispness factor and the addicting sweet and spicy bright red dipping sauce on the side added to our overall delight. We also dug into a dish of coconut milk-based nyonya chicken curry. One of their more popular dishes, it comes with garlic toast on the side. We thought it was a great way to eat this mildly spicy curry.

Other classics were Hainan chicken rice, served with rice that had been cooked in chicken soup and a couple of tasty dipping sauces on the side. The laksa was a spicy soup with rice noodles, shrimp, fish balls, and strips of fried egg. We were also pleased to get both chopsticks and cutlery at our plates.
The toast block with honey and ice cream came in a magic cube of bread pieces stuck together with honey and with a sweet scoop of ice cream melting on top. It was a good version of this popular dessert. Yaazoo is a convenient place to stop if you are shopping at Galeria and are interested in trying something different. Diners should expect to pay around 100RMB/person.

Yaazoo Singapore Style Food
Yaazoo Singapore Style Food Yaazoo Singapore Style Food Yaazoo Singapore Style Food