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Monday to Friday: 4:30pm - 2am, Weekends: 11am - 2pm; 4:30pm - 2am
70, 1/F, Big World Business Square, 85 North Zizu Rd.
028 8513 3396
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This little Japanese restaurant in the Great World Plaza is the kind of place you only find if you are looking for it. We first walked into a different Japanese restaurant by mistake and then, when we found the right place, discovered they don't open for lunch on weekdays. We were going on reports of good ramen, the kind of simple noodle dish that inspires much searching out and devotion among its fans. The ramen landscape in Chengdu is dominated by a single Hong Kong based-chain, so we are glad to find good alternatives.

We finally happened by when the place was open, and found a small restaurant with a few tables and staff busy getting the dining area cleaned and set up. We guess they don't get much early business, and felt like we were in a family run restaurant. Besides ramen, the menu had salads and snacks, some stir-fried dishes, a selection of grilled dishes, and rice plates. There were also a couple of local dishes such as mapo tofu and mapo eggplant. The menu is in Japanese and Chinese, and all but a few sections are also translated into English. They have a few imported liquors and beers such as Asahi.

The ramen section of the menu is the back page. There is no English, but the list features several classic versions such as soy sauce, pork bone, and seafood ramen as well as a few types we haven't run into before – dan dan ramen sounded quite interesting. We tried the classic pork bone ramen, with a white broth. We found the broth a bit salty and not as full bodied as you might get in another ramen place, but it was quite slurpable and went well with the smooth, firm noodles. The rounds of pork belly on top were highly enjoyable. All of the ramen selections are 30-40 yuan, most other dishes are under 50. We will be back to try more of the menu.