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Qiu Tian
12pm - 2pm; 5pm - 9pm
2-12, 1 East Changqing St.
189 8000 5628

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The local proprietor of this tiny Japanese restaurant gives orders to his kitchen staff and servers in Sichuanese while chatting with customers in the English and Japanese he picked up during years in Japan and America. "This is American sushi, not Japanese sushi." explained Mr. Luo as we perused his menu. We were impressed with the chef's roll, which was filled with crab and cucumber and garnished with tempura crumbs and spicy mayo. We were satisfied with the freshness of the raw oyster (RMB15/pc) and liked the salmon bone and miso soup, which was surprisingly free of MSG. Besides sushi and sashimi the menu has curry rice, fried and stewed udon noodles, and fried rice made with bacon and the chef's house made kimchi.

Rather than figure out by trial and error other winners on the somewhat random menu, we booked an RMB150/person omakase lunch and returned with a Japanese friend in tow. Omakase in a sushi restaurant means chef's choice; customers give a budget, describe any food preferences or restrictions, and the chef prepares a series of dishes on the spot.

The first sashimi was a pretty standard black pepper seared tuna. Beside it were some rich, snow white slices of albacore the chef had blowtorched, a standout dish of the day. Mr. Luo explained that the seafood he uses is bought frozen, not fresh like it would be in Japan, and much of the seafood in the rolls was cooked. He served us mini versions of his most popular rolls: spicy salmon and cucumber topped with avocado, a roll squid topped with mango, and one called American Dream filled with shrimp tempura and topped with unagi (eel). A salmon salad served in lettuce cups was quite good. We got some tempura fried squid, we got a very nice seared salmon nigri, a refreshing seafood salad, and pickled ginger to cleanse the palate. The last thing was a deep-fried salmon roll, which the chef instructed us to eat while it was still very hot.

Qiu Tian
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