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Thai Se Tian Xiang
12pm - 10pm
40 - 42, Poly Center, 1 Jinxiu Rd.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This Thai influenced seafood hot pot house has been packing customers in for a while now and a mere eight months after opening is already expanding into the space next door. MORE was hosted recently and got to find out what all the fuss is about. Much care has been taken to source safe, quality, ingredients, particularly the seafood. Their most popular soup base is tom yum style, with its characteristic heat and sourness it makes a great cooking base for the seafood.

Soon after ordering we received a large platter of pristine abalone, scallops, crab, oysters, clams, mussels, and speared whole shrimp still waving their legs. There were also beef and shrimp pastes (the kind that turn into meatballs in hot pot), beef, pork, and a collagen-rich seaweed from Chile that was new to us. Delicate seafood is always sensitive to overcooking, and most are ready to eat within a minute or two. There is a cooking guide, in Chinese, on the tables and the servers are always ready to lend a hand and change your plates. People who enjoy the interactive experience of eating seafood, shelling shrimp and cracking crab claws, will like this place the best. The dipping plate was an addictive and spicy combination of fresh herbs.

The drinks are not to be missed. The smooth and fragrant milk tea, served hot or cold, is one of the best we’ve tried in town and and the lime soda is tangy and sweetened to taste with honey. We enjoyed a Corona from their beer selection. We also tried their purple cabbage spring roll, which came with a sweet and spicy, Thai style, dipping sauce that was a great complement. Thai Se Tian Xiang takes reservations over Weibo and by six on a Friday there were already people waiting outside while couples, friends, and family groups filled the tables. They have private rooms for up to ten people or party rooms for up to 20. Guests can expect to pay around RMB150 per head.

Thai Se Tian Xiang
Thai Se Tian Xiang  Thai Se Tian Xiang  Thai Se Tian Xiang