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Ya Kun Kaya Toast
10am - 10pm
B1 Global Centre, 1700 Tianfu Ave.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We are excited to see a Singapore style café specializing in kaya toast open up in town. Kaya is a coconut and egg jam popular in southeast Asian areas. Ya Kun does a very good version with thin sliced brown toast layered generously with butter and coconut jam. The kaya toast can be ordered as a set with coffee and two very soft boiled eggs. It’s now one of our favourite breakfasts in town. The coffee deserves a mention as well; it is made with care by first pouring hot water over a mug, then mixing a strong brew of ‘silk stocking’ style coffee and sweetened condensed milk, adding plain condensed milk, and then reheating the mug with more hot water. We sometimes have to tell the servers to go easy on the sugar, but we are in love with the coffee when the brew is super fresh. We are always happy to find a good cup of coffee that is not served in a disposable cup.

The menu also offers simple lunch sets and sandwiches made from flavours like sambal shrimp. We noticed a lot of customers eating curry so we asked to try the chicken curry over rice noodles. We were served a bowl of rice noodles with two complete chicken wings in a coconut-based yellow curry sauce that was spicy enough to give us the sniffles. We found it a little challenging to eat chicken in sauce off the bone armed only with chopsticks, but it was delicious and the sauce was so good we could have licked the bowl.

The Wi-Fi signal is decent, the chairs are comfortable, and the open area provides a good vantage point for people watching in the mall. We found it odd that many of the customers were bringing in food from other shops in the mall; thinking that they did not know what they were missing. Coffee is RMB20 per cup; average cost per person would be RMB30-50.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Ya Kun Kaya Toast