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Han Fang Korean Cuisine
10am - 2pm; 5pm - 10pm
Chang Le Fang, 86 West Dashi Rd.
028 8705 8586
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We are happy to see Korean cuisine getting more and more popular in Chengdu, though affordable and authentic options are still a bit elusive. We decided to check out this well-reputed place near the night life area just inside the west second ring. The beginning of the menu, which is nicely illustrated and has food described in Chinese and Korean, is dedicated to barbecue. We decided to pass on the barbecue in favour of home-style favourites.

The first thing to land on the table were small bowls of a smooth pumpkin soup, gratis, containing small sweet rice dumplings and red bean. We noticed several customers ordering the spicy fried rice cake (炒年糕). We are more familiar with this as street food so it was a little strange to see the formal presentation and decoration of shredded egg, but it was one of the spiciest and most authentic in flavour we’ve tried in Chengdu. We were also well impressed with the mixed rice in a stone pot (石锅拌饭). The pot was hot enough to give the sizzling rice and accompaniments a good crust, which is something this dish lacks at lesser establishments. We enjoyed the side dishes, all of which are bottomless, and include both fresh and ripe kimchi. From the selection of savoury pancakes we tried one made with kimchi and one made with seafood, which was full of fresh, quality, shrimp and squid. The rib and potato soup, made with fragrant ‘da jiang’ as well as hot pepper, was delicious and rib-sticking winter fare. We asked for one of our favourite Korean dishes, ‘fried sauce’ noodles (炸酱面), and they asked if we wanted Korean or Chinese style. We asked for Korean style but maybe should have gone with Chinese. They did serve very good rice and offered Maxim coffee at the end.

The han-bok clad servers were pleasant and quick to respond when waved over. Han Fang appears well known among the local Korean community; we heard at least as much Korean as Chinese in the dining room. Cost per person is 50-80RMB; a bit more for barbecue.

Han Fang Korean Cuisine
Han Fang Korean Cuisine Han Fang Korean Cuisine Han Fang Korean Cuisine