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Qiu Tian Japanese Restaurant
12pm - 2pm; 5pm - 8:30pm
Jiao Da (西南交大): 2-12, East 1st Changqing Rd.
Tongzilin (桐梓林): 48-23, Section 4th, Renmin South Rd.
Jiao Da (西南交大):长庆东一路2号附12号
Tongzilin (桐梓林): 人民南路四段48号附23号
028 8350 0768

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Qiu Tian has always been Chengdu’s Japanese restaurant with the most character. Mr Luo, the local proprietor who spent several years doing sushi in Japan and America, has been quite busy over the past year. The interior of the original north side restaurant was redone and a larger, more upscale Japanese restaurant was opened near the south train station. The chef divides his time between the two places but is most often found at the original restaurant. MORE dropped by to check out the redone restaurant and found hardly any change to the outside, but did find a completely transformed interior. There are now two levels of dining including private rooms that can hold up to ten, custom tableware, and a new kitchen.

The new menu, presented on a tablet with photos, retains many of Qiu Tian’s favourites, like the chef’s special roll. Traditionalists may not be fans of this style of sushi and sashimi, but we like the humour in offerings like the ‘xiao san’ salmon lettuce cup and the ‘Georgia’ tempura crumb topped spicy salmon tartare served up on a potato chip. The American Dream roll was a popular choice from the old Qiu Tian, created in memory of the chef’s time in America, and now there is also a ‘Zhong Guo Meng’ in tribute to Chairman Xi’s China Dream. There is a truffle and goose liver bite, served over rice on top of a saltine, that we thought was pretty good too. In keeping with the growing popularity of Japanese ramen in town, Mr. Luo has also added roast pork topped ramen and spicy ‘hell’ ramen to the menu, which is on the top of our list to try next time we visit.

Besides the chef’s more creative offerings, there are other dishes that are very similar to others you would expect to find on a Japanese menu in town. The sashimi includes a very nice pepper tuna served over shredded radish. We also tried a crisp and light shrimp tempura. There are a couple of bento boxes on the menu and curry over rice dishes, but average cost per head will be around RMB150 if diners choose the sushi and sashimi options. Sake, juice, and plum wine are also available on the drinks menu.

Qiu Tian Japanese Restaurant
Qiu Tian Japanese Restaurant  Qiu Tian Japanese Restaurant  Qiu Tian Japanese Restaurant