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10am - 10pm
LG109b, - I/F, IFS, 1 Sect. 3rd, Hongxing Rd., Jinjiang District; B2, 8 South Sect., Chunxi Rd.
红星路3段1号国际金融中心地下一层LG109b; 春熙路南段8号B2单元
028 8658 6382
028 6435 5159
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We’ve noted with appreciation that in recent years a few Japanese style ramen shops have been opening in Chengdu (besides the large Hong Kong based chain). Ramen actually has roots in China and its most basic form is just pulled noodles in soup, but in the Japanese interpretation a super simple dish aspires to a quintessential bowl of soup, with broth, noodles, and accompaniments all perfect themselves and in perfect balance. In the real world, everyone has their preference and most ramen joints have check off menus where diners can specify the thickness and firmness of the noodles, the saltiness or richness of the broth, or what other toppings are desired.

Ippudo is a very well-regarded ramen chain from Japan that now has two locations in Chengdu. MORE dropped in to the Chicony Square location during the first week of business and it was slammed. The servers had the typical nervous energy that accompanies restaurant openings, but had obviously gone through some training and were taking good care of customers with very few slips. The menu has photos of each dish and descriptions in English, Chinese, and Japanese. There are several kinds of ramen – shoyu, pork bone broth, chicken broth, and miso. There are also a few snacks, fried rice, a rice bowl and a salad, and one dessert. There was no check off menu but we were asked how we wanted the noodles cooked.

The prices, which start at RMB42 for the most basic bowl of noodles and go up to the RMB65 mark, raise high the expectations in the diner, and we were not disappointed. We thought the broth was equal to our other favourite in town and the accompaniments were clearly superior to anything we’ve tried so far. The sesame seeds gave off a fresh roasted smell in the grinder, the slices of pork were tender and fresh, and the noodles, which took on a life of their own in the rich pork bone broth, stayed chewy ‘til the bottom of the bowl. We also tried a pork belly sandwich made with steamed bread, lettuce, and excellent mustard. Ippudo is setting a new standard for ramen in Chengdu.

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