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Nha Trang
19&20, 5/F, Building 5, IFS, 1 Sect. 3rd, Hongxing Rd.
6517 3939
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We appreciate the bright flavours and colours of Vietnamese cuisine, especially in the warmer months, and so decided to check out this restaurant in IFS. The efficient servers poured glasses of mint water and bowls of fish sauce as soon as we were seated. Their menu, partially illustrated and in English and Chinese, does an excellent job of offering variety and accessibility while explaining the dishes. There is a long list of favourites, including pho, spring rolls, salad rolls wrapped in rice paper, vermicelli bowls, bun bo hue and various meats grilled on lemongrass skewers. They offer several seafood dishes, such as squid stuffed with sticky rice, fried soft shell crabs, and grilled prawns show up in salad rolls and on top of vermicelli bowls and steamed rice cakes.

We are fans of the Vietnamese style desserts made from beans, coconut milk and tapioca that refresh and satisfy, so we tried something called Tri-coloured Sherbet - it came with red beans, yellow mung beans and green tapioca balls in a coconut milk base. From the list of rice vermicelli bowls, we chose the Grilled Beef, which arrived nicely seasoned and chewy and served over a modest pile of rice noodles that were tossed with peanuts, shredded carrots and a few bits of vegetation. We wanted more greens so asked for a 15RMB side order of Greens and Herbs, which we were impressed to see contained ruffly-leaved purple basil as well as mint and cilantro. The greens basket is a usual side order for eating Vietnamese spring rolls lettuce wrap style, which is our favourite way to eat them.

The bowls of pho, vermicelli bowls and steamed rice cake dishes are less than 40RMB each, and drinks, including Vietnamese coffee, fresh juices and milk shakes, are 18-28RMB. Their seating charge is five yuan per person, but this is still very good value for the location.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang Nha Trang