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Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang
8:30am - 3am
2 - 3, Kehua St.
科华街2 - 3号
028 6293 8759
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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
Easy access classic Sichuan food and much cheaper than your average hot pot place. And, despite all that, they manage to offer good quality service. Don’t speak the local lingo? Good, because you don’t need to. Walk straight up to the food and pick out what you want.

Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Chuan chuan is one of those dishes named after the serving method – the 串串 characters look like sticks with chunks of food on them. The sticks are lowered into a boiling soup, hot pot style, and then eaten. Yulin Chuan Chuan is one of the most popular places to eat chuan chuan, and returning Chengdu natives in withdrawal from spicy Sichuan cuisine often cite it as a must stop. Yulin is a neighbourhood in Chengdu’s south side but now branches of Yulin Chuan Chuan can be found all over the city. It’s tough to tell whether or not every store is really part of the same family, but we trust that the busier places are serving up chuan chuan worthy of their skewer. This location near Sichuan University’s south gate, near many a strong competitor for diners’ appetites, is one of the oldest and busiest Yulin Chuan Chuan houses. Passersby often will get a whiff of spicy ‘ma la’ soup as they walk by in the evenings.

We dropped in around lunch time and snagged a window table, which are by far the most popular. We went over to the self serve area and helped ourselves to sticks of various vegetables, tofu, sausage, meat and entrails, dumplings, and anything else that you might imagine being delicious cooked hot pot style. When we got back with our trays loaded with food the efficient server had already brought a large dish of yuanyang soup (divided into spicy and mild sides), small bowls of pre-prepared sesame oil, cilantro, and garlic, for dipping. The tables also had vinegar and oyster sauce.

The yuanyang pot, with both spicy and clear broths, started bubbling soon after it was put on the table. The beef here is a very popular choice and we were not disappointed with the tender, spicy bites. We tried nian gao (rice cake) but it got a bit too soft. Other winners were tofu, potatos, lotus root, and seaweed. We put everything in the spicy side. They had beer and peanut milk available but we made do with the free tea. Charge is per stick so your bill will depend on how much you eat; cost per head is usually between RMB30-50.

Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang
Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang