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Yang Yang Restaurant
11am - 9:15pm
32 Jinyuan Lane
028 8523 1394

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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
Yang Yang Restaurant may be the perfect mix of authentic and accessible. It’s accessible because it is right in the middle of the hopping Wuhou District, near the US Consulate, and because it has an English menu. The spot is great, located down a cute yet well-marked and easy to find alley a few blocks north of Lingshiguan lu (Consulate Road). Most of the restaurant is a narrow outdoor patio tented with foliage and shielded by a green awning, giving the whole scene a pleasant botanical air. It’s, therefore, best visited on sunny days in parties of four or less; otherwise, you have to sit inside or hope you can cram some extra tables together.
The menu is all unapologetically Sichuanese. Jolly red peppers abound, but waiters do ask if you really want it hot or not. After frequent repeat visits, we have yet to go wrong on a single dish, but we particularly recommend any of the ganbian dishes, which are deep-fried and then dried and then fried again. The Four Season Beans, which can be quite oily when not done right, are particularly well balanced here. Also tasty is the Beef and Tofu, a mildly spicy tofu in a red broth laced with tender beef. Vegetable options abound, including Fried Green Peppers. We recommend ordering some cold cucumbers in sauce to offset the heat.
If you want to take a picture, order some of the fish dishes; they’re beautifully presented. Fish is popular but only available when it’s available… and there you are. Oh, and they do deliver but don’t seem to have any takeout menus available. Prices range from 8-59 kuai per dish, but the average check for two runs around 50-60 kuai for three dishes and beers. English menu available.

Yang Yang Restaurant
Yang Yang Restaurant