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Green Heart Forest BBQ
10am - 3am
Unit 5, 143 North Kehua Rd.
028 8521 2108
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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
On the one hand, it’s not particularly difficult to find places that will sell you grilled goods on sticks in Chengdu, or anywhere else in China for that matter. That said, quality varies, yes it does, as does the degree of risk you take.
The Green Heart Forest Barbeque is comfortably ensconced amongst the cluster of similar barbeque joints in the Lanse Jialebi complex on Kehua Bei lu, which also holds Café Paname. While it has a large outside patio section, the tables are sheltered from the rain by a roof overhang, which is good news in the summer. In the evenings it’s pleasantly lit by streams of lavender Christmas lights strung from the ceiling. There’s good people watching; not only the hordes downing beer and meat sticks, but also the occasional impromptu badminton match played between the waiters at the restaurants nearby. Green Heart Forest is a simple enough concept, but it’s got everything you need in a barbeque: cold beer, clean tables and hot pepper.
Unfortunately for some, the do-it-yourself menu card is devoid of English, and there are no pictures. This would be a bigger problem if everything wasn’t so good. Assuming you have no particular dietary restrictions, just checking things off at random should work just fine, or wander back to the kitchen and point. However, we particularly recommend the lotus root (ou), thinly sliced and spiced to perfection, the mushrooms (pingu) and the lamb (yangrou). For the more adventurous, they have squid (youyu) and clams with noodles (which looks more exciting than it tastes, it must be said). Open till very late.

Green Heart Forest BBQ
Green Heart Forest BBQ