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Huaxing Jian Dan Mian
24 hours
48 South Yulin Rd.
028 8518 8663

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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
A certain amount of faith should be placed in a restaurant that names itself after a specific dish. Jian Dan Mian is such a place. Despite its one remarkable dish, there’s a bit more going on here than one might suspect. It is nestled into the south end of Yulin road, making it merely a few minutes walk from Tongzilin and the Yulin bars. And that’s key. See, what makes Jian Dan Mian a little more than special is that it’s open 24 hours a day. In need of a nosh and just leaving Little Bar at 2, 3, 4am? No prob. Take a seat outside in the cool night breeze, and order up some noodles. There’s a regular selection of precooked cold veggies too. The Tiger Skin Green Peppers (hu pi qing jiao) are decent though better warm. But, the Four Season Beans (si ji dou), while a tad garlicky, go great with the last ace Jian Dan Mian keeps up its sleeve: Green Harbin pijiu. Look around at the swanky bars. The local beers offered are what? Tsingtao, 528, Snow? Anything else? It’s possible, on occasion, to find the regular Harbin, but Harbin Green is truly a rarity here in Chengdu. This beer looks and tastes like a real lager.
Oh yeah, one last thing: Cheap, cheap, cheap. The noodles range in price from 4 to 6 kuai. The plates of veggies 6 kuai. And the beer, oh the beer, just 4 kuai. We’re pitching this place as a great late night stop because of its limited yet delicious menu and its location near some good bars. But why not a nice, quick lunch while strolling about the city’s south? Just a thought.

Huaxing Jian Dan Mian
Huaxing Jian Dan Mian