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Yipin Douhua Restaurant
9am - 10pm
16-25, East Yulin St.

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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
Some good friends of ours were regulars at this Dou Hua joint’s old shop. A classic, crusty hole-in-the-wall restaurant that’s somehow incredibly delicious. When you walk in to the new location, the staff seems to beam with pride. When we took the pictures they’d gather around the camera and all wanted us to email the photos to them.

The new shop has clean, slick, cream colored floors, wooden décor; and air conditioning. Despite the climate control, you’re likely to still find yourself sweating. We did. But not because the place was sweltering, the food was. Dou Hua comes in a good many forms, from the plain stuff in a bowl of water with seasoning on the side, to Mala Dou Hua, a searing combination of red chilies and Sichuan peppers.

Of course there’s more though. Dou Hua is merely the specialty. You can satisfy nearly any craving short of a cheeseburger here. With a nearly complete chuan cai menu, you’ll be working hard to find the right mix of spicy and cool. For the latter, we suggest trying the Liang Ban Huang Gua or the Liang Ban Qiezi, they’re fei chang hao chi (really delicious).

One warning, we went in there a second time in the mood for something new and asked for something special, and wound up with a big platter full of pork fat and hot peppers.

Yipin Douhua Restaurant
Yipin Douhua Restaurant Yipin Douhua Restaurant Yipin Douhua Restaurant