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Red Sun Seafood
8 Central Qingshi Bridge Rd.
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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
This little seafood shack looks like almost all the other seafood shacks in the area. It's pure function. There are some crammed tables and little chairs, and the expected debris of messy eating. Red Sun, however, sticks out. Unlike the other shacks, it's always full of Chinese diners- a good sign- and the food Rocks the Kasbah.

There's no menu per se, you just point out what you want, haggle over the price, they throw it to the chefs, the chefs fry it up for you in giant woks heated by rocket engines, how one might imagine cooks in Hell's cafeteria would operate. We ate crabs and green mussels from the South China Sea, plus some other stuff I forgot because the first two were so damn good. The crabs came in a Sichuanese hot sauce with mixed vegetables and boy did they make the beer go down easy.

Prices were not especially cheap by Chengdu standards. Crabs were 10 kuai apiece and the mussels were 4 yuan a platter. However, we had the reassurance of their being completely fresh, and the meat was fatty and delicious. They do not have a wide beer selection, but the Xue Hua was cold and after a platter of Sichuan crabs, I couldn't taste anything anyway.

Since the tables are small, it's not a good place for large parties. Three or four max. Also, you might consider eating lunch there first, then buying your home-cooking seafood at the market across the street and running back to cook it/freeze it immediately, instead of letting it stagnate by your table while you eat.

Red Sun Seafood
Red Sun Seafood