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Huan Tian Zhai Guizhou Restaurant
11:30am - 12:30pm
21, South Sect.1, 2nd Ring Rd.
028 8521 4309
028 8702 7111

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Monica Liau (more chengdu)
Banners proclaiming “Eating no sour food for 3 days, makes you walk forward on weak legs!” and “Try our dog meat” hang exuberantly from the ceiling of Huantianzhai Guizhou Restaurant. For those of you looking for Chinese food that diverges from the Sichuan hotpot steeped in numbing spice, try Guizhou cuisine, which is characterized by its spicy and sour flavored foods. Guizhou is the original hot and sour soup capital of China, and this restaurant offers the soup in a big pot which you can fill with your choice of meats and vegetables. The soup broth is a brilliant red and wonderful to drink by the bowlful (especially on a cold, rainy Chengdu evening). According to the helpful and informative waitresses, the soup gets most of its flavor from 3 months of fermentation. After paying the soup fee, you can add your choice of a whole chicken (鸡) or fish (鱼), and/or vegetables. There is also the dog meat option, but my table opted out. The hotpot is served with a sauce which is a mixture of pickled vegetables, toasted soybeans, green and red chilies, and then a ladle full of soup that combines the flavors nicely. Be careful of ordering too many soup ingredients though, because the other dishes are worth sampling. Try the suancaidouni (酸菜豆泥) which is a homey flavorful Chinese rendition of refried beans. Also excellent was the liangbanqiezi (凉拌茄子), a cold eggplant dish. The restaurant itself is large, bright, and usually full of people. When we were there at the beginning of the National Holiday, the waitresses went around to every table offering a free shot of rice wine, which they proceeded to pour into your mouth while singing a traditional Guizhou song.

Huan Tian Zhai Guizhou Restaurant
Huan Tian Zhai Guizhou Restaurant