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Fresh River House (southern gate)
9am - 10pm
6 -16 Fengde International Plaza , Hangkong Rd.
028 8523 1222
028 8523 5522
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Monica Liau (more chengdu)
Picking out upscale Chinese restaurants is tough. I have been to endless expensive dinners where food comes out beautifully arranged, primped and pretty, but the flavors often suffer. For a restaurant to impress business colleagues or a date on all fronts (food, atmosphere and service) try Hexian Seafood located on Hangkong Road. The 3-story, modern interior sports black lacquered tables, each table separated by panels of wood hung with airy translucent cloths. It is a beautiful restaurant offering unexpected and surprisingly impressive sculptures.

The wait staff was perfect, courteous and attentive without being overbearing. When I was overwhelmed by all the fish options, our waitress never lost patience explaining different kinds of fish, their prices, and the best cooking styles. We ended up with tasty, small river fish stewed with hot peppers. When we cried out in surprise at the ragingly hot wasabi dipping sauce (that went with the salmon sashimi served on an elaborate tray of ice) the closest waiter rushed in with glasses of ice water. We also experienced the absolute best cauliflower dish I have ever eaten, bar none. The usually white, bland vegetable was seared with an almost Cajun rub and cooked with cured ham. It was the first dish emptied and taken away. The cold dish of phoenix tail greens (凤毛) was served with subtle, elegant vinegar.

Dinner for two cost 300 RMB, but it was worth it. Not only was the atmosphere chic, but Hexian’s kitchen was able to use traditional Sichuan flavors and ingredients to create innovative Chinese dishes.

Picture menu, no English.

Fresh River House (southern gate)
Fresh River House (southern gate) Fresh River House (southern gate)