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CSC (Country Style Cooking)
2/F, Furtune Center, Mall Square, 6 Daye Rd. /
C, 2/F, Computer City, 22 South Sect 3, 1st Ring Rd.
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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
The native fast food market is growing in China, and, if you crave the convenience of a big, illustrated English menu you can point at but can’t bear to order another burger, Country Style Cooking offers painless, affordable and attractive local standards.

During a busy weekday lunch hour in Gaoshengqiao, the restaurant was packed with office workers, its young staff turning out trays efficiently in uniforms strongly evocative of a certain, popular, American fried chicken conglomerate. The décor throws no surprises, offering the same hard counters and swivel chairs, bright cleanliness and images of chipper Chinese families obligatory to fast food chains.

Though it’s not quite Country-fried Chicken the way your grandma in Charlotte makes it, the “Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper” (18.5 RMB) was surprisingly succulent, and a good value too. If you’ve been to any “beefsteak” restaurant around here, you’ll be familiar with the lay-out: a cutlet sits on a bed of onions, flooded with sauce, a fried egg, green peas, corn and a handful of straggly fries on top. It’s served with fried rice, vegetables, a corncob, pastry and orange juice and makes for a very full meal.

In such an establishment, good noodle soups are critical, and CSC’s “Mushroom and Stewed Chicken Noodles” (8 RMB) proved up to the task. With their balanced broth, fresh vegetables and a healthy meat-to-bone ratio, it proved popular with many diners. Pass on the bland, chewy “QQ Pearl Milk Tea” (3 RMB) though.
Price-wise, CSC matches up well with competitors like Ajisen Ramen, as well as larger Western chains. A bowl of noodles will run seven to eight kuai, the rice with meat meals 11 to 12, and the beefsteak is RMB 20.5. A kids meal is available for families, though vegetarian families will likely struggle.
Located on the first floor of Century City Plaza, and with six other branches in Chengdu, CSC checks all the boxes for local food that’s quick, easy-to-order, and cheap. And, given their plans to open over 100 restaurants throughout the country within three years, you may be seeing a lot more of them soon.

CSC (Country Style Cooking)
CSC (Country Style Cooking) CSC (Country Style Cooking)