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North East Dumpling House
8am - 10pm
259-9, Wuhouci St.
028 6818 5711

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
“Is it really the ears of a cat?” I asked the server who came out to translate. She replied that the cat ear noodles (mao er mian) were just in the shape of a cat's ear. The chewy, thumbnail-sized noodles come in a sauce of tomato, pork, and onion. They also come with a spoon, which is great for someone like me who has long practiced, but never mastered, the art of eating noodles with chopsticks.

Later, I dropped in with a friend from the north. We ordered the cat ear noodles, suancai and pork bone soup, and a couple selections of jiaozi dumplings. We also opted to pay extra to get our dumplings fried. The seasonings tray held crushed garlic, soy sauce, hot pepper oil, vinegar, sugar, and msg. There was no salt and no sesame oil, however, which I lamented. Nearly every other customer was eating basic boiled jiaozi, though we saw a few customers enjoying northern-style lamb hot pot (shuan yang rou). My friend confirmed the authenticity of the dumplings, and noodles, as well as the Dongbei accents of the proprietors.

Their stir fry menu includes Dongbei classics like di san xian (potato, eggplant, and pepper), and a few dishes that appear to cater to local tastes like mapo tofu, yan jian rou (salty fried pork with onions), and hupi jian jiao (wok-blistered hot peppers). They have over 20 choices of dumpling filling including the usual (pork and cabbage, beef and celery) and not so (five spice donkey, beef and tomato, pork and suancai). You can also pick up raw dumplings to cook at home. Noodles and dumplings are 6-8 RMB per person; stir fried dishes are 10-18 RMB per order. The English menu calls cat ear noodles, “hand maked noodles,” and says you pay extra to, “try,” instead of fry your dumplings, but it’s otherwise clear.

North East Dumpling House
North East Dumpling House