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Qiao Mian Guan
7:15am - 2:40pm, 5pm - 7:30pm
58 Feizhushi St.
028 8887 8567

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
One of the more recognizable billboards around town advertises a brand of instant noodles – Qiao Mian Guan. We were surprised to discover a real live noodle shop of the same name, the interior displaying the eponymous instant noodles. We have no idea if the noodle shop came before the fangbian mian or vice versa, but the noodle shop is fantastic.

The limited opening hours and mix of clientele show this is a destination place. Fashionistas throw their car keys down on tables which they share with neighbourhood folks and military types from the nearby army hospital. They have an unusal number system to keep track of orders, so if you come at busy times you may be waiting five minutes or more for your order. By noodle shop standards, that is a very long time.

The generously served noodle toppings are the main draw here. Chunks of beef with suan cai, (酸菜牛肉) tender mushrooms (香菇), and glistening pieces of red-cooked pork with good thick layers of fat and chewy skin (红烧肉) are among the more popular flavors. They have scrap sauce (杂酱) or pickled pepper beef (跑椒牛肉) if you want something spicy, or stewed chicken (炖鸡) if you prefer something milder. The sesame seeds are freshly toasted and the spicy toppings are very spicy. In hot weather many of the customers are digging into cold noodles (凉面) or bean starch (凉粉). There is a cooler of drinks by the till or a self-serve vat of noodle water (面汤) near the back. The side orders of greens are fresh and generous. The menu is all Chinese, but they do have a few of the offerings pictured on the wall. Prices are no higher than the average noodle place, 5 or 6RMB per.

Qiao Mian Guan
Qiao Mian Guan Qiao Mian Guan