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Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles
7am - 9pm
8 Xiaojiahe St.
028 8518 6457

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
One of our favorite noodle shops has gone under renovations not once, but twice this year. The most recent changes even closed the place down for a few days, which really worried us, but they are now open for business again and thankfully the only changes are on the outside, which now sports a brand new wooden facade with a sign that has pinyin.

The hand-pulled noodles stirred up here are the style usually known as pugai mian, or bedspread noodles. They are served as a large piece of wheat dough stretched into a thick sheet. The noodle sheet is thick and chewy and its soft surface does a good job of soaking up whatever flavors are added. The most popular order is the beef noodles (牛肉面), which come topped with spicy red-braised beef. The rib noodles (排骨面) are delicious as well. We also love the chicken entrails noodles (鸡杂面), with chewy pieces of chicken intestine and gizzard in a similar spicy treatment. The scrap sauce topping (杂酱面) is also great. If you are looking for a less spicy lunch you can order the stewed chicken noodles (炖鸡面). There are cooked soybeans in the bottom of the bowl, which make a great combination with the noodles and toppings. You can also get the toppings over rice noodles (米线).

Not to be overlooked is their dou tang, bean soup. It's scooped up thicker than most in town, is not the least bit greasy, and is delicious. Most people order it with rice (豆汤饭). You can also order dou tang with vegetables, shredded chicken, or stewed pork feet.

They don't serve greens as a side, but serve liang ban cai, which are vegetables tossed in spicy oil and vinegar. Zhi er gen (折耳根) and cucumber (黄瓜) get this treatment. They also have chicken tossed in spicy oil (凉伴鸡). The steamed egg custards with meat sauce on top (召子蒸蛋) are a great snack and smooth as silk. So far, we haven't run into anything we don't like on the menu. Noodles are five to eight yuan per serving.

Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles
Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles Grandma Jin's Handmade Noodles