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Caidie New Vegetarian Concept
10am -10pm, (Sunday to Thursday) 10am -10:30pm (Friday and Saturday)
9/F, Qunguang Square, 8 South Chunxi Rd.
028 6666 5858

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Caidie is Chengdu's newest and now most central vegetarian restaurant. There is no meat, eggs, or msg in any of the dishes, though dairy may be used. When we dropped in for lunch recently there was a choice of three set meals on the menu card; the economy set for 28 RMB, a business package for 68, and the Butterfly Combination for 98. As an opening special, the business and butterfly set meals were 20 RMB less than usual. They also offer a few sweets and drinks, including organic tea for 18 RMB a cup or 38 per pot.

We chose the business set and the flood of dishes started. The first course was a nicely carved fruit plate and then a tiny bowl of pickled beans. Next came thin slices of very good vegetable sausage with greens and a too-sweet blueberry sauce. The vegetarian steak came with a small piece of ginseng, and had gravy which tasted better than any steak sauce I've had in town so far. The fried mushroom masquerading as a fish patty and covered with sweet sauce and mayo was the only dish that I stopped eating after a couple of bites. When the server saw I'd left most of it he offered to replace the dish, and a few minutes later a fantastic plate of fried ginkgo, asparagus, and red pepper came out. The tofu puff stuffed with mushroom was delicious. We chose jiaozi dumplings as a starch, which had the strange chemical flavour that fake meat dishes sometimes have. A bowl of starchy peas and some thick tofu and vegetable soup rounded out the savoury dishes, and then a fantastic durian pastry and chocolate mousse arrived for dessert.

Although there is zero English signage and no photos on the menu card, the servers did their best to explain the dishes and obviously take pride in what they are serving. The interior is light and pleasant with Enya and Sara Brightman on rotation the day we visited. This new place is getting off on the right foot. We hope they can keep it up.

Caidie New Vegetarian Concept
Caidie New Vegetarian Concept Caidie New Vegetarian Concept Caidie New Vegetarian Concept