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Tai Pan Hong Kong Tea Restaurant
9:30am - 11pm
Fengde International Square, 6 Hangkong Rd.
028 8514 0111

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Choosing good Hong Kong barbecue usually involves arriving when the barbecue is really fresh and examining the pieces on display to see which look best. I first walked into Tai Pan because their barbecue pork looked fresher than that of a similar restaurant a couple of doors down. When the server brought my plate of pork over rice (叉烧饭), I was, at first, disappointed to see a small and fatty portion of barbecue, but my complaints disappeared after I took a bite. The meat was tender, beautifully glazed, and melted in my mouth. It was as good as any barbecue I've eaten in Hong Kong, actually. We dropped in another day to see the fat dripping off the 'cue starting to turn white, so we went with the roast goose instead. It was pretty good and came with a plum sauce that managed to be sweet, salty, and tangy at the same time.

Tai Pan is a cha can ting style of restaurant that originated in Hong Kong, which blends Cantonese and English-style food. The all Chinese menu has typical Western influences with toast and sandwiches, Ovaltine, Horlick's, and yuanyang (鸳鸯), the classic milky mix of coffee and tea. Not everything that we tried, or noticed others eating, looked great. We'd be inclined to skip the scrambled egg shrimp or the wonton noodles in favor of a fantastic looking Cantonese beef noodles (干炒牛河), whatever barbecue looks good, casserole dishes (煲仔菜), and curries over rice. Barbecue plates (with rice, veg, and soup) are 16-28RMB, most coffee or tea drinks are 10RMB per order, and cans of Coke or Sprite are 5RMB.

Service is efficient, though if you come at off peak-times you might have a tough time getting the staff's attention. The place is full of families and couples on the weekend, but we expect it gets pretty busy during weekday lunches with all the office buildings nearby.

Tai Pan Hong Kong Tea Restaurant
Tai Pan Hong Kong Tea Restaurant Tai Pan Hong Kong Tea Restaurant Tai Pan Hong Kong Tea Restaurant