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Yi Jia Fengqing Restaurant
10am – 9pm or whenever business slows down
B1-211, 231, Roman Holiday Square, East Gaosheng Bridge Rd.
高升桥东路罗马假日广场B1-211, 231
135 5480 9024
138 8038 6077
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We were strolling around the second level of the Roman Holiday plaza, watching the antique vendors ply their wares below, when we spotted a restaurant featuring the cuisine of the Yi people from the southeast of Sichuan very near Yunnan. We had to try it.

The interior is a little worn and has a few pieces of ethnic décor. The first page of the characters-only menu is meat, the second page is vegetables and soup, and the third page is drinks. Pork, lamb, and beef served 'tuotuo' (坨坨) style, in chunks, are their featured specialties. The menu states the meats are organic and ecologically raised, and you can order a freshly killed chicken (点杀鸡). A rooster awaiting his fate outside was crowing so loudly that we were tempted.

We ordered greens and bacon (青菜腊肉) expecting a stir fry, but the dish's two components came boiled together. The pork was good and chewy with a strong smoky flavor, but the fat and skin were a little too much, both in quantity and texture. Next to arrive was a large basket of steamed, peel-on spuds with a little bowl of pepper to dip. The servers insisted that the skins should not be eaten, and demonstrated peeling the potato but keeping a little cap of skin on the end to use as a handle. The bean and preserved vegetable soup (酸菜雪豆汤) was the favorite dish on the table. It was full of white beans, more potatoes, and some unique preserved vegetable. I was curious about some thick pan-cooked bread on a neighboring table so the servers brought me a piece. It was dense, chewy, and tasted strongly of whole grain without even a lick of salt. They said it was made from buckwheat.

Our main impression is that Yi food is plain and hearty stuff. If you have any friends who complain that the food in Chengdu is too spicy, greasy, or salty, bring them here already. Expect to pay 20-30 RMB per person for food, with drinks starting from 10 RMB. The parking lot is just off the first ring or behind the plaza at Hao You Duo.

Yi Jia Fengqing Restaurant
Yi Jia Fengqing Restaurant