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Zhang Fei Beef
11am - 10pm
305, 306, 3/F, Wanda Plaza, 29 East Section 5, Ring 2nd, Jinjiang District
锦江区二环路东五段29号万达广场3楼305, 306
028 8419 1538

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The Sichuanese cure many kinds of meat, from pork to duck to rabbit. In the city of Langzhong, with its large Hui population, preserved beef is the main specialty. Someone decided the rest of the world should enjoy this local product as well, and began selling the salted beef as Zhang Fei Beef. We're not sure how the product got named after the fierce and fearless Zhang Fei, one of the heroes of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but the distinct red and black opera mask logo of Zhang Fei Beef marks one of the most familiar local products that you can find in Chengdu. Recently, we've noticed restaurants specializing in Zhang Fei Beef.

We popped into the branch at the Wanda Complex on the southeast second ring. The place is set up like a basic noodle or quick meal restaurant, and most of the other customers were digging into enormous bowls of beef noodles (牛肉面), eating baskets of steamed beef in rice meal (粉蒸牛肉), or ordering sliced beef and tendon (锅魁)to tuck into sandwiches. There is no English on the menu, but it is well illustrated. The offerings are quite meat-centric, but we were able to order vegetables on the side so we asked for a plate of phoenix tails. They also had set meals at the back of the menu including soup, rice, and pickles.

The red, tender pieces of beef in the soup were definitely the star of the show. The bowl was also full of lettuce and bean sprouts, which filled us up as nicely as they had the bowl. The phoenix tails were standard issue. We would be happy to eat here again, or pick up a sandwich from the takeout window. Noodles are 10 RMB per bowl, set meals 18 RMB, sandwiches are 6 RMB. Bags of the eponymous cured beef are also available for sale.

Zhang Fei Beef
Zhang Fei Beef