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Gaoshengqiao Lotus on the Water
7am – 9pm
3 - 4, Qidaoyan St., Gaosheng Bridge.
028 8506 0755

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The menu at this small, casual, vegetarian restaurant near Gaoshengqiao, where you order at the counter, mainly features set meal combinations of main, soup, rice, veg, and pickle. The server recommended the sweet and sour vegetarian pork (糖醋排骨), which we chose, and the vegetarian red cooked pork (红烧肉). We passed on the latter one and mulled over the other offerings, which included typical vegetarian meat dishes like black pepper beef (黑胡椒牛肉) and black bean fish (豆豉鱼), before deciding on bean soup. Besides typical Chinese dishes, they have vegetarian pizza and vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese on their menu, as well as several desserts.

Our dishes arrived on trays, and we dug in with pleasure. There were grains mixed in with the rice, giving it some interest, and the sweet and sour pork had a convincing texture with 'bones' through the middle and an addictive tangy sauce. On the side was a veg version of Sichuan-style spicy cold tossed chicken and some broccoli and lettuce hearts. The bean soup had an unusual presentation of shredded greens topped with a few slices of vegetarian sausage. We were supposed to pour the spicy bean soup over this and stir in the rice. It wasn't a bad dish but is most suited for very light appetites. We had to try their baozi, puffy yellow steamed buns filled with different kinds of mushroom and sweet potato. They were a bargain at 1RMB each, and we would happily eat one for breakfast every morning if we lived nearby. Other customers were digging into their vegetarian hot pot.

We liked the food so much we decided to roll the dice on dessert. Their signature sweet, at a whopping 6RMB, was mashed sweet potatoes with some kind of non-dairy cream poured over top. The chocolate cake, which we loved, came with the same cream and chocolate powder. The set meals were 8-16RMB each. Two people can easily eat here with dessert for 50RMB.

Gaoshengqiao Lotus on the Water
Gaoshengqiao Lotus on the Water Gaoshengqiao Lotus on the Water Gaoshengqiao Lotus on the Water