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Hong Xing Restaurant
11am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 9:30pm
137 East Ziwei Rd.
028 8517 5388

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Ask a Chengdu native to recommend a good restaurant serving local food, and the response you’ll hear most often is Hong Xing. We finally went to check it out. The place is run like a well-oiled machine, with the hostess taking your party information, and relaying it upstairs so as soon as you step out of the elevator you can be directed as needed.

With the Rabbit Year upon us, we chose the cured rabbit (风腊兔) from the list of cold dishes. It was tender and flavourful, and not too salty. We also tried a dish of cool and slippery brake root noodles in a spicy dressing (美味蕨根粉), which was great and would be very refreshing in hot weather.

Hong Xing does the little sour and a little spicy style of dish very well, so one of the most popular dishes is the eel and bean threads (鳝段粉丝). This can also be ordered as an individual serving if you want to try it before committing. There is also their very popular bean and rice soup (豆汤饭).
The 'finger and thumb buns' (指拇包) were basically miniature Shanghai-style fried dumplings, complete with a crusty base and sesame and green onions sprinkled on top. The 68RMB price tag gave us pause, but they were so cute and delicious we were glad we ordered them.

We had to try their steamed pork belly in rice meal (粉蒸肉), which came with pillowy little steamed buns to make sandwiches. The kung pao shrimp (宫保虾仁) in a sweet sauce with cashews, was quite tasty, but bore little resemblance to Sichuanese food. We would try their gong bao chicken next time instead. Another great looking dish that seemed to be on everyone else's table was the iron plate eggplant (铁板茄子). They have many private rooms available, a recommended option if you want to avoid all the smokers. Except to pay around 80RMB/person.

Hong Xing Restaurant
Hong Xing Restaurant Hong Xing Restaurant Hong Xing Restaurant