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Royalty's Kitchen
10am - 10pm
Paradise Walk, 6, Sect. 3, North Jianshe Rd.
028 6153 0456

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We don't get up to the northeast Chenghua section of town that often, but every few months we seem to hear of friends who decide to relocate there. It's not hard to see why; there are plenty of new apartment complexes with reasonable rents, the air seems better than in other areas, and some of the coolest new architecture in the city is starting to take shape. There are also new shopping centers and places to play and dine in the area. One example of a newer attraction is Paradise Walk, an upscale shopping mall just down the road from SM Square. We were wandering around looking for lunch when we noticed Royalty's Kitchen, a restaurant advertising Hong Kong style dishes. We love Sichuan food, but local congee does not compare to Hong Kong style so we went in to try it.

Underneath the advertising banners, the room is gorgeous. The menu shows the ingredients for each type of congee displayed on top of the rice soup base, which looks a little strange. There are items to fit every budget, from the economical to the indulgent. We chose the salted rib congee with sour vegetables, which was creamy and thick, though could have been simmered longer. We decided to try the bean sprout salad to start. The bean sprout salad had the stingingly hot needle peppers tossed in its vinegary dressing. We also ordered the spring roll just to have something crunchy to stir into the soup. It came in nicely presented narrow slices. As for the taste, the nicest thing we can say about it is that the extra thick batter may bring back westernized Chinese comfort food memories for some. We didn't eat more than a couple of bites. The menu is well illustrated, and is also translated, but not always clearly. Most diners will pay 50-100RMB per person.

Royalty's Kitchen
Royalty's Kitchen  Royalty's Kitchen