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Yi Pin Hong Homestyle
9am -2pm, 5pm -10:30pm
World Business Plaza, 85 North Zijing St.
028 8282 8647

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've started to take note of when a restaurant has overflowed its walls and taken over adjoining spaces. Yi Pin Hong, a lone local restaurant in a complex full of international themed eateries, is now occupying yet another dining room in the large plaza by the Great World Carrefour. Recently we took some friends to try it out.

The main draw at Yi Pin Hong is 'gan guo', or dry pot. Imagine a hot pot with all the soup boiled away and all the ingredients, cooked up super-spicy and sitting in a pile of seasoned oil. Numbing and very spicy, it's not for the faint of palate. Yi Pin Hong has several kinds of dry pot available, but we chose ribs, which we loved. For a milder dish, we ordered their guoba rou pian, which was served in the traditional way by pouring the meat and seasonings over sizzling hot rice cakes. The presentation was nice, but the sauce was a little bland. We also ordered the ya cai ground chicken (鸡米芽菜), one of our favorite local dishes, which should be sour and very spicy. Yi Pin Hong's version was mostly salty. We wanted something sweet so asked for the taro spring rolls. They were served all too quickly, but were tasty and crunchy. The menu's photos made it easy for us to order.

We loved the gan guo, and would order it again. We were digging in the oil for potatoes, chunks of ribs, and other goodies for a long time. The other stuff we tried was fine, but we would try some other dishes first, like the dou ban fish that we saw some other diners enjoying. Yi Pin Hong, like many of the restaurants in that complex, is not that well ventilated and it's hard to avoid smoke if you dine when the place is busy, so you might want to dine early to avoid the smoke. The servers were efficient but not that helpful with the menu.

Yi Pin Hong Homestyle
Yi Pin Hong Homestyle Yi Pin Hong Homestyle