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Tao Hai Ge
11am – 2pm, 5:30pm - 11pm
2/F, Building3, Idealism Center, 38 Tianyi St., Hi-Tech District
028 8593 8888

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
There are so many kinds of hot pot in Chengdu it would take a lifetime to eat our way through all of them. One style, that is all about dressing up and impressing, is seafood hot pot. MORE was recently invited to sample the goods at Tao Hai Ge, a large seafood hot pot house steps away from the Gao Xin subway entrance.

The menu has no English but is well illustrated and features ocean delicacies from around the world. They had a few kinds of soup available, but we didn't see any spicy ones. The most popular soup is the top-grade seafood soup (级品海鲜), but we went with the basic concentrated white soup (顶级浓汤). They also had a beautiful looking golden soup (顶级金汤), which the server said had a lighter seafood flavor. We liked that we could order soup either in one large bowl or smaller individual pots. Rather than choosing individual seafood items from the menu, we got the seafood combination plate (鲜品盘).
Soon our hot pots were like little roiling seas, teeming with sea creatures – scallops, two kinds of clam, fish slices, and shrimp on skewers. Cooking seafood in bubbling soup requires some finesse, since most of the precious items on our plate would take less than one minute to cook. The delicate abalone, presented in their beautiful shells, were ready to eat in twenty to thirty seconds. We were glad the servers were on hand to help us out. The scallops in particular were fantastic, sweet, and tender. The fresh noodles that were cooked in the soup at the end also had been prepared using seafood, and went down really easily. Drinking the concentrated soup afterwards was a definite highlight. We also enjoyed a couple of their snacks – crispy green onion cake (葱油饼) and 'Manila dinner buns' (马尼拉餐包), like a baked cha shao bun.

With both Sichuanese and Cantonese talent in the kitchen, the food felt both familiar and exotic. We also appreciated that it was far lighter and healthier than most hot pot meals. The bill here starts around 150-200RMB for the seafood hot pot. Tao Hai Ge can also arrange 'private kitchen' set menus for groups of eight or more, which start around 300-400RMB/person and into serious expense account territory.

Great food (peter)
Been there many times, and I think it is the best place in town just love it.

True dining experience (Dieter)
Very nice seafood hot pot, good service, great environment. Ideal for business dinners or to take friend for a special occasion. Located convenient at the High-Tech zone Metro station, just don't keep hanging there too long (Metro until 10pm I believe) because it's hard to grab a cab..

Tao Hai Ge
Tao Hai Ge Tao Hai Ge Tao Hai Ge