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Huang Cheng Ba Snacks
10am - 9:30pm
5/F, Yitengyanghuatang, 2 Jianshe Rd.
028 8425 8347

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Huang Cheng Ba is one of our favourite local snack restaurants. It’s a chain with a few locations in town. They offer many of the popular local snacks, such as sweet and spicy noodles (甜水面), steamed dumplings (蒸饺), and fried style meat pockets (锅魁). Their wide, flat, 'shuai,' noodle dishes are particularly popular; served spicy or dan dan style. The stewed chicken noodles (炖鸡面) suit the spice averse. We like ordering the white fungus soup (银耳汤) on hot days. It's one of those magic Chinese concoctions that makes you feel cooler within the first mouthful, and we enjoy Huang Cheng Ba's version though it's on the sweet side. A typical, small bowl of cool seasoned bean starch noodles (凉粉) will also hit the spot on a hot day.

They have a few twists on classic snacks. For example, the mild bean and rice soup (豆汤饭) comes with shredded chicken and ham on top, which sounds like a genius combination to us. One of their most popular specialties is the pot stickers (锅贴), which come nestled in a crispy crust. It's a sign that the kitchen workers have some skill to pull off. We also tried their ribs wrapped with sticky rice (棕香糯米排骨), and steamed in lotus leaves. The ribs were fantastic and tender, had a very Sichuanese flavor while being mild enough to give a baby, and a bargain at 13RMB. They have pictures of dishes on the wall above their open kitchen, but it used to be a challenge to order off of their check-off menu if you lacked Chinese skills. We are glad to see they now have some photos of dishes at the till. You pay a bit more here than at typical snack restaurants; around 10-15RMB/person, but it is well worth it.

Huang Cheng Ba Snacks
Huang Cheng Ba Snacks Huang Cheng Ba Snacks Huang Cheng Ba Snacks