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Shushizuo Vegetarian Restaurant
10am - 2pm; 4pm - 8:30pm
4/F, 240 - 3, Yipintianxia St.
028 8757 5358

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This vegetarian restaurant is located on Yi Pin Tian Xia, one of Chengdu's destination dining areas. They cook with no meat, milk, eggs, msg, or alcohol and use purified water in all dishes. The menu, or rather menus, could use some editing since there were three menus in total and several dishes had been crossed out. The dishes on offer were similar to many that can be found on vegetarian restaurants in other parts of the city, with vegetarian versions of local dishes such as twice cooked pork, gong bao shrimp, and cabbage and bean threads. They were a bit more creative than we normally enjoy, with cake sprinkles decorating a mashed potato dish. I didn't order this, but saw it on another table. The drinks menu includes fruit juices, and non-alcoholic beer and wine. There were pictures and English translations on everything.

The server, with an impatient, “It's all delicious,” offered no help ordering. I usually like to get normal food at vegetarian restaurants, like tofu and nut dishes, rather than rolling the dice on fake meat. However, I selected a spicy-looking dish of vegetarian ribs and deep-fried beans with red peppers and cilantro and asked for an order of black bean greens on the side. The server also brought rice, pickles, and fruit. The rib and bean dish had chunks of veggie meat that had been tossed with deep fried broad beans. It was spicy and tasted OK but the batter on the beans was too thick. The black bean yao mai cai, on the other hand, was really good. I'd be happy just ordering this for lunch with rice sometime.
Alongside the other vegetarian offerings in Chengdu, this place does not really stand out but if you were in the area and wanted a vegetarian dinner it would fit the bill. The check (cash only) would be around 50RMB/person.

Shushizuo Vegetarian Restaurant
Shushizuo Vegetarian Restaurant Shushizuo Vegetarian Restaurant