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Yong He Soy Milk
6am - 9:30pm
46 North Kehua Rd.
028 8521 8712

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Yong He Soy Milk is a chain of restaurants serving up Chinese breakfast and lunch with the right combination of quick, cheap, clean, and good. If we walk in shortly after opening hours we can see most customers dipping crunchy youtiao (油条), fried dough sticks, into bowls of fresh, warm soy milk (豆浆) or into bowls of congee (粥). The soy milk here is smooth and rich, far superior to the sweet chalk water that too often passes for soy milk on the streets of Chengdu. It comes with a spoon of sugar in the bowl by default, but you can order it unsweetened (白味). We like ordering their vegetable steamed buns (素菜包), meat-filled steamed buns (小笼包), or pot stickers (锅贴). They also have a crazy fried, egg-covered dumpling with meat and corn inside that we haven't run into anywhere else called yumi rou bing (玉米肉饼). An over easy egg (煎蛋) or, for bigger appetites, a chive omelet (韭菜煎蛋) makes a good accompaniment. Spicy pickles (泡菜) on the side are free, but you have to ask for them.

Yong He Soy Milk is also a good lunch destination. Their rib plate (大排饭) is so popular it often runs out. We enjoy their fried rice such as tomato and egg fried rice (蕃茄蛋炒饭), beef and green pepper fried rice (青椒牛肉丝炒饭), twice-cooked pork fried rice (回锅肉炒饭), or black bean and fish fried rice (豆豉鱼炒饭).

Yong He is a good place to bring friends who want to eat non-spicy Chinese food. Their many locations are not always consistent (and we suspect some are tribute restaurants rather than authorized branches) but the Ke Hua Be Road location is a reliable choice. They have been known to dig up an English menu, though most branches have a characters-only check off menu. We usually spend five to ten yuan on breakfast and a bit more for lunch.

Yong He Soy Milk
Yong He Soy Milk Yong He Soy Milk Yong He Soy Milk