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Regal Court Restaurant
11:30am - 11pm
2/F, Regal Master Hotel, 48, Section 4, South Renmin Rd.
028 8887 8888

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
From August 29 - September 25, 2011, the Regal Master Hotel is holding a Hong Kong Food Festival featuring a special menu developed by award winning Chef Sam Ip of the Regal Hong Kong, which has been graced with a Michelin Star. MORE dropped by to try the dishes on offer, and chat with Chef Ip about Cantonese cuisine. Chef Ip pointed out that Cantonese cuisine is not a monolith but contains many regional sub cuisines such as Hakka and Chao Zhou. In contrast with Sichuanese food, where developing flavour via seasonings is very important, in Cantonese food the main ingredients are supposed to show their own characteristics.

The menu we enjoyed included many traditional dishes that you would expect to find on a Cantonese menu. There was a roast duck, a shark's fin dish in a thick soup and three gorgeous dim sum presented in a bamboo basket. The gold battered shrimp topping a sumptuous 'foo yong' was as rich as its name. There were also a few more creative dishes, such as a surprisingly spicy 'golden thread' cubed beef filet. The golden threads were the presentation in a basket of caramel threads. The beef's texture was more like chunks of a very good rare steak than a stir fried dish. A gorgeous dish of seafood in white truffle sauce showed the international influence on Hong Kong's cuisine. We were a little confused about how to eat the lotus leaf steamed abalone rice that came served alongside a fried dumpling and a bowl of superior soup. The servers instructed us to dip the dumpling in the soup, which worked nicely. A cool, small bowl of bird's nest topped osmanthus jelly was a fitting end to the feast.

As a whole the dishes showed refinement and restraint, not throwing around the luxury ingredients in a crass way but integrating them well into the preparation. We were glad to learn that some of the dishes we liked, such as the spicy beef dish, the roast duck, and the black bean ribs are on the regular menu at Regal Court.

Regal Court Restaurant
Regal Court Restaurant Regal Court Restaurant Regal Court Restaurant