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Shandong Fengwei
6am - 10pm
12-37, Wuhouci Cross St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Jian bing guozi (煎饼果子) is a street food most popular in the north of the country, but we are always happy to find it in Chengdu. It's one of those dishes with many components – the 'jian bing' part of the name refers to a fried pancake, and the 'guozi' refers to the fried dough that gets wrapped up inside. What locals call youtiao – the long, crunchy, breakfast donuts that are usually a breakfast accompaniment to fresh soymilk – gets nicknamed guozi in the north.

There are a couple styles of jian bing guozi that we have run into in Chengdu. Most common is where the dough is poured out and spread with a tool, similar to a crepe, and then an egg is broken over top and the pancake is flipped, covered with sauce and toppings, and wrapped up. Another style uses a stiffer dough that sticks to the griddle until it has browned. For both styles, the fillings usually include sauce, greens of some sort, shredded potatoes, and the crispy fried dough. Many places also add some kind of sausage. It gets folded up, placed in a plastic bag, and handed to the waiting customer. They are far less expensive, and far more filling and hand-warming, than your average fast food breakfast sandwich.

Across from the west gate of the Nationalities University there’s one of those gritty street and fast food lanes that seem to have a symbiotic relationship with the neighbouring school. Among the small storefronts is one called Shandong Fengwei, a typical vendor of northern style Chinese breads which sells things like potato cakes, onion cakes, egg crepes, crispy 'da bing', and thick thousand layer bread. We didn't pay the place much notice until a northern friend of mine noticed that they will also make jian bing guozi to order. To make jian bing guozi, they use the same covered griddle that gets used to cook the bread, so I usually ask first – hey, is it OK to order a jian bing guozi? And if the pan already has a batch of bread going, or if they are busy with customers, I sometimes have to wait for a few minutes. However, they do a good sized jian bing – a two-hander – for 3.5RMB.

Shandong Fengwei
Shandong Fengwei Shandong Fengwei